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Call Us Today!
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College Plans

Laundry plans
Vogt the Cleaners provides professional laundry and dry cleaning services to students in the Louisville area. Door to Dorm is our newest division established to meet all of our customers' needs. Door to Dorm will pick up, sort, launder and dry your clothes according to instructions, fold, hang and deliver within 48 hours. Laundry may also be dropped off and picked up for your convenience.
Door to Dorm will supply you with a laundry bag and tag. Each bag holds up to 25 lbs. of laundry. At your request, we will send you a dry clean and special care item bag.
How do I join the Laundry Plan?
First choose the type of Plan that fits your needs:
Plan A - is a weekly pick-up service which includes up to 25 lbs. of laundry.
Plan B - is a weekly pick-up service which includes up to 50 lbs. of laundry.
Plan C - Pay As-U-Go Plan.
Second, choose a payment plan:‚Äč

Plan A(wesome) Plan (B)eautiful
Pay Weekly $15.00 $25.00
Pay for the semester $255.00 $425.00
Pay for the year $510.00 $850.00
Pay as-u-go - simply keep a credit card or debit card on file.
How will the Laundry Plan work?
Once you have chosen a plan, we will put you on our schedule and give you your pick-up and drop-off times. We will also drop off your tagged laundry bags prior to your pickup. Laundry will then be cleaned, packaged, and delivered.
What if I have ironing or dry cleaning?
Absolutely! We have a full range of services avaliable. This is an additional charge and we will provide you with a price list.
Can I drop off my laundry or cleaning?
Yes, we are here six days a week for your convenience. You may be on a plan or just want a load of laundry processed.

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